“Holding You Accountable”

President’s Message
“Holding You Accountable”As we often hear the phase “you aren’t accountable.” The word accountable means different things to different people. My definition of accountability is “responsible.” When people are accountable, and answer for their actions, it builds trust. Less balls get dropped and people like to work with people they can count on. You are probably wondering why I choose this topic of interest. I’m glad you asked….! 

As a leader and/or a person in charge, you are accountable for the success of your team. The teams that I’m referring to are the “Region XI Chapters.” As we prepare to align our goals and mission with the vision of the organization for the coming year, I want to stress that accountability is key to the success of the region and/or your chapter. Basically, accountability is ensuring that you set realistic goals and objectives, set expectations and encourage ways to give and receive constructive feedback. 

Rather you are targeting timelines for submission of financial requirements for your chapter and/or your chapter activity reports, accountability begins with the leader. I use these as examples because these are requirements that must be submitted to the organization in a timely fashion. 

A healthy way to stay accountable is to check yourself against the following questions: 

1. “Who does what by when?”
2. “What are the tests for success?”
3. “How will you follow up?” 

What are the ways you hold yourself and others accountable when it counts? 

4th Quarter Recommended Reading: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t – by Jim Collins (Author)

Quote of the Week: “Accountability breeds response-ability.” – Stephen Covey

  Marion V. Allen
BIG Region XI Council President

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